Resources on child protection and domestic and family violence.

Websites and Videos

Legal Information Access Centre – A selection of plain English resources about the law in NSW and child protection.
Print Resources (Pamphlets, brochures, PDF, Leaflets)

Women\'s Legal Services NSW, 2013 - This booklet is a useful resource for your clients, outlining child care and protection regulations and 10 crucial things your client should know if FaCS have removed their child/ren. It also includes a diary of vist or meetings with FaCS caseworkers.

Women\'s Legal Services NSW, 2014 - This factsheet accompanies and summarises the webinar on this topic

Working With Child Protection: A Practical Guide For Community Workers (Booklet)

This manual is aimed at community workers and gives a useful introduction to child protection in NSW including information exchange, mandatory reporting and Children\'s Court proceedings. 
FaCS and Child Care and Protection: Basics (Factsheet)

WLS NSW, 2013

This fact sheet summarises the Ask LOIS webinar on this topic, presented by Janet Loughman, Principal Solicitor, Women’s Legal Services NSW on 11 July 2013. This webinar can be viewed on our past webinars page. 

Women\'s Legal Services NSW, 2014

This factsheet accompanies the Ask LOIS webinar on this topic.

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