Resources on children and domestic and family violence.

Websites and Videos

Family Law,(Various resources)
Legal Information Access Centre – A selection of plain English resources about the law in NSW and Family Law

Family Law Search Engine (Various resources)
LawAccess NSW – A search engine for legal resources on family law, relationships and children.

Print Resources (Pamphlets, brochures, PDF, Leaflets)

Changes to the Family Law Act from 7 June 2012 (Factsheet)
Australian Government, 2012

This factsheet outlines the changes to the Family Law Act that came into effect on 7 June 2012 that puts children’s safety front and centre in family law matters.

Legal Aid NSW

This pamphlet provides information about the laws affecting de facto couples.

WLS NSW, 2016

This factsheet accompanies the Ask LOIS webinar on this topic. The recording of this webinar can be viewed on the Past Webinars page.

Legal Aid and Family Law (Factsheet)
WLS NSW, 2013

This factsheet summarises the Ask LOIS webinar on this topic. It looks at Legal Aid and when it is available in family law matters.

Department of Attorney General and Justice NSW 

This factsheet outlines the process of applying for an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order.

Women’s Legal Service NSW, 2014

A toolkit book on divorce, children, domestic violence, property settlement, court orders, child support, where to go for information, support or advice.

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